Athlete Portraits

3 Lights Required

In this course it's all about freezing movement and capturing action using flash duration. Using multiple techniques we will create a series of eye catching and effective images.

Before we begin

You can use any brand of equipment to create these shots. I have a detailed equipment section in every course so that you can look up the equivalents to what I am using with the brands you shoot with. Every shot that you see in the workflow is straight off camera. There is no smoke and mirrors here so when the test shots come up on screen, they are genuine shots, dust spots, not straight and all the other small mistakes I may make, I show you. Unless the shot has 'final image' written next to it, everything you see is straight off camera. The photos at the bottom on this page are the final retouched shots and I'll show you how I got there in the retouching section and provide you with the free actions you need to complete the same techniques.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Athlete Portraits

    • Introduction

    • Flash Power Settings

    • Equipment

    • Flash Duration Explained

    • The Jump Shot

    • The Portrait Shot

    • Stroboscopic Shot

    • Rear Curtain Sync Shot

    • Retouching Introduction

    • Installing Actions

    • Photoshop Actions

    • The Retouch

    • Good Luck!

Course Reviews

5 star rating

I loved this start to finish approach. Easy to follow for...

Yvonne Clowes